Save the Date for Full Circle 2016

What is Art Garden CSA? 

CAN awards Arts Access with Leadership Award

National Endowment on Arts spotlight on Arts Access

Letter from Director

  • At Arts Access, our world is full of individuals who live with severe disabilities - being unable to walk, speak or move without assistance - but whose lives are still filled with light and color, language and movement of their own making. We invite you to explore this site further, learn more about who we are, our history, and of course, Matheny Medical and Educational Center.
  • Celebrating 20 years of creating fine arts

  • This year marks the milestone 20th anniversary of the Matheny Arts Access Program. Appropriately titled, “Reflections,” our annual Full Circle arts event in November kicked off celebrating the accomplishments, memories, and great works created by the Arts Access artists. We welcome the community to join us for other events throughout the year as we celebrate their phenomenal achievements!