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The Robert Schonhorn Arts Center is the state-of-the-art facility that houses the Arts Access program. Situated in the Somerset Hills town of Peapack, NJ, the center opened its doors in 2000. The comprehensive 15,000 square foot building contains a multi-purpose studio that accommodates classes in digital art, painting, and sculpture. A striking gallery space, which features the works of Arts Access clients, is used for receptions, meetings, and special exhibits.

Built with wheelchair accessibility in mind, the entire facility provides easy access for the program's clients. An innovative seating design in the 250-seat auditorium allows each chair to swing to the side to provide space for a wheelchair. The novel setup makes it possible for people who use wheelchairs and able-bodied individuals to sit next to each other. In addition to performances, the theater's stage is utilized for classes in drama and dance.

Named after the former president of Matheny, The Robert Schonhorn Arts Center received a merit award from the Association of Design, Production, and Technology Professionals in the Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry. The National Endowment for the Arts also selected it as one of the NEA Images of Universal Design Excellence Projects.

ADA Compliance & Accessibility

Arts Access is dedicated to serving people with disabilities. We are committed to providing an inclusive setting for all who work in and visit the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center. Arts Access does its best to meet the compliance requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For more information, contact Haeree Park, ADA Coordinator, at 908-234-0011 x765 or send an email to haeree@artsaccessprogram.org. The following services are available:

Large print materials are available upon prior request.

Infrared assisted listening devices are available upon prior request.

The Robert Schonhorn Arts Center, where Arts Access is located, and all other buildings at the Matheny Medical & Educational Center are wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are available throughout all of the buildings on site.

Communication Access Realtime Translation is available upon prior request.