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Tomatoes of Life

By Jenny Durr

Insides squished up.
Who am I?
Lifeblood dripping, oozing out,
Weakening, don’t know who I am.

New place, new people, new tasks.
Cooking, cleaning, pricing groceries.
Lifeblood oozing out.
Creativity drying up.
Feelings baking away in hot sun.

Slowly feel creativity rising back within me
No longer buried by the mundane.
Creativity flowing like lifeblood.
Creativity like ripened, succulent juicy tomatoes.
Creativity in my veins
Now being expressed.

I now feel alive like fresh tomato juice
Coursing through a newly birthed plant.
No longer am I like rotten, spoiled tomatoes
Dead on their vine.

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By Jessica Evans

Love is mysterious.
It happens everywhere.
Love is luxurious
It makes me want to care.
Love is sensitive
your heart can tell.
Love allows you to give.
It makes you feel swell.
Love is confusing.
Love is amusing.
Love makes me feel warm and protected.
Love makes me feel free to reflect it.

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By Cheryl Chapin

I will be leaving on a trip for business and for pleasure.
I’m sure I will enjoy the leisure.
Five days will be a treasure,
that no one else can measure.
It will be hustle and bustle,
and maybe a little bit of a tousle.
Packing bags, checking tags.
Boarding a plane.
Passengers might drive you insane.
I’m going on a trip for equal rights
and I don’t mind the flight.
In between we might see some sights
and have a few bites.
Which for me would be a delight.
Meet new people.
Dance and prance.
I will advance
and maybe I’ll get a chance
to find a bit of romance.

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The Crash

By Anthony Lafond

Allen drinks a beer,
While Suzy tries to steer.
The road is dark and winding,
Suzy can’t see a thing.
Allen laughs a joyful laugh,
A drunken laugh.
He covers her eyes,
Playing the game of
Let go, let go
You fool.
You’re acting like
A tool.

Suzy’s heart is racing,
Allen is not breaking.
A flash of light is streaking,
Suzy is screaming…
Stop you fool.
Burning rubber is screeching,
Suzy is not breathing.
Her heart is not beating.
Allen is bleeding.
Not crying.
Nor pleading.
Just laughing and
Still drinking…
A broken bottle
Still leaking.
Allen doesn’t know
Is no more.
Too much drinking
I should say.
So much so
God couldn’t
Save the day.

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