about arts access

The Arts Access Program not only provides our unique services to the residential clients of Matheny Medical & Educational Center but also to the greater community at large.

In 2002 The Arts Access Program began to explore alternative delivery methods of its methodologies (while keeping the core philosophy in tact) to provide services to clientele from the Jewish Services for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD), a population vastly different from Matheny. The transition was accomplished with great success and the response of the JSDD clientele was so positively overwhelming that JSDD requested a program of their own. In 2003 an agreement was made and from this the Arts Access Outreach program was born. Since that time The Arts Access Program has launched an additional two pilot programs, at Hattie Larlham in Mantua, OH and at The ARC of Mercer County in Ewing, NJ. It is the goal of the Arts Access outreach program to make significant strides in bringing fine arts participation the community of disabilities.

Options of Service

  1. Clientele can be brought to the Robert Schonhorn Art Center for individual one-on-one sessions.
  2. Organizations can license one or more of the Arts Access Program Modules listed below. This option is for groups with an interest and the space required for housing their own Arts Access Program. For more details, call Keith Garletts at 908-234-0011 ext. 441.

Arts Access Program Modules

The following list provides organizations with everything needed to begin their own arts program.

The licensing agreement for each option of service includes:

  1. Facilitator employment consultation.
  2. An intensive two-week training program in the discipline/disciplines licensed. (Additional training time may be required for multi-disciplinary purchases.)
  3. Complete communication system for the discipline/disciplines licensed.
  4. A facilitation manual
  5. Initial artistic supplies needed to begin the program. (Any construction or mandatory prep work for required space is not included)
  6. Studio/Stage consultation.
  7. Installation support.
  8. Follow-up support.

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