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In addition to providing our unique services to the residents of Matheny Medical & Educational Center, Arts Access also offers fine arts programming to the community at large.
With the decision (in 2002) to explore alternative and far-reaching delivery methods of our program, we provided programming to clientele from the Jewish Services for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD). Although their population was vastly different from Matheny, the response of JSDD clients was so positively overwhelming that the organization requested their own program. In 2003, an agreement was made and the Arts Access Outreach program was born.
Since that time, The Arts Access Program has launched several additional pilot programs. Included among them are Hattie Larlham in Mantua, OH; The ARC of Mercer County in Ewing, NJ; and The Bancroft School (at Voorhees Pediatric Facility as well as their Haddonfield Campus). It is the goal of The Arts Access Outreach Program to make significant strides in bringing fine arts to the communities of the disabled.

Who Can Participate

Individuals with a wide spectrum of physical and cognitive disabilities excel in the Arts Access Program. Our unique methodologies (choice-based systems) and philosophies are designed to aid in the physical aspect of the artistic process. Under the participating artist’s direction, Arts Access staff act as conduits between participants and their work, removing any limitation in their artistic journey. A trained staff member consults directly with prospective clients and their care providers to ensure they are given the proper level of programming.

We Bring the Arts to You!

The Arts Access Outreach Program serves organizations, schools, and individuals at their residence or facility.

Satellite Programming is designed for organizations with a large client base and the space to house a permanent arts program. To help determine your programming needs, the Arts Access consultation team will assess the space and your clientele. Arts Access will then provide professional facilitation staff to operate the program.

Organizations outside of our service area are able to license the program. In addition to assessing the space and clientele, our consultation staff will assist with the hiring and training of new staff members in your area.

MAP (Mobile Arts Programming) services individuals and organizations who do not have access to nor contain the space for a permanent studio installation. Our state-of-the-art mobile van is filled with art equipment that we drive right to your door. An Arts Access facilitator will conduct the session and then pack up the materials at the end of your allotted time.

When & Where

On-site Arts Access sessions are held between 10:00am – 8:00pm, Monday through Friday, at the Robert Schonhorn Arts Center. The center is located at 65 Highland Avenue, Peapack, NJ 07977.

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Arts Access in Education

The Arts Access Program has adapted its philosophy and methodologies to serve individuals in a school setting. Arts Access facilitators will come into your classroom and deliver a curriculum that adheres to the NJCCCS and focuses on the fundamentals of artistic creation. The program is adaptable to various ages and cognitive ranges. Programming is available in Visual Arts and Dance.

Keith Garletts, Outreach Coordinator & Program Specialist
908-234-0011 ext. 441

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